QT Lightning – QTL1800

The QT Lightning features the highest ozone output of the entire Queenaire line with a 0 – 60 timer which allows you to simply set the unit to shock the area being treated and then shuts itself off allowing the ozone to dissipate before the area is reoccupied. It produces up to 1,800 mg/hr of ozone to deal with even your worst odor problems quickly and completely. All Queenaire models have a 5 year warranty and a 15 – 20 year life expectancy.
Color White
Capacity 20000 sq/ft
Timer Settings 0-60 min
Ozone Output 1800 mg/hr
Weight 11bs
Size 7.5"W x 8.75H - 11.75L
Volt/Watts Amp/HZ 120V/60W - 50/60HZ

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