Rainbowair Activator 2000 Series II Ozone Generator with Dual Auto Kit – 5600-II Dual Auto

The Rainbowair 5600 Series II Dual Auto Ozone Generator is designed specifically for the automotive industry. This Ozone Generator comes equipped with two Hose Kits and instructions to ensure complete odor elimination. Now twice as much airflow, up to 2 grams of ozone, and the power to deodorize two different areas at the same time, this compact unit will eliminate even your worst odors in automobiles, trucks, rv's and boats. This powerful Rainbowair Ozone Generator comes with two flanges, two hoses and sealant foam so that you can split the deodorizing job into two areas. Perfect for deodorizing two vehicles at the same time.
Output mg/hr 2,000
Timer Settings 15 min - 24 hr
Continuous Operation YES
Fan CFM 115
Filter Sporax
Color Black
Weight 15 lbs
Size 13"L x 9.5"H x 12"W
Capacity 20,0000 sq ft
Warranty 5 Years

Call 1-877-64-OZONE