QT Thunder Ozone Generator – QTT3F

QT Thunder was designed for it's simplicity. With a 0-60 timer and an ozone output fixed at 300 mg/hour the user can deodorize a 300 square foot room in just 15-20 minutes, with a simple flick of a switch. This is the recommended unit to treat areas up to 10,000 cu/ft for hotels, condo owners, nursing homes, etc.
Output Lo-Hi mg/hr 300 fixed
Timer Settings 0-60
Continuous Operation NO
Fan CFM 102
Filter N/A
Color Grey
Weight 9 lbs
Size 6.5"W8"H10.5"L
Volt/Amp/HZ 120/47/.30/60
Warranty 5 Years

Call 1-877-64-OZONE