Newaire Plugin Room Deodorizer – NAPLUGIN

Newaire is designed to naturally deodorize rooms up to 500 sq/ft. This is the ideal unit for eliminating in-room odors caused by smoke, mold and mildew, pets, chemicals garbage, cooking etc...

The Newaire plug in incorporates a patented ion wind technology that allows ozone to be circulated from the machine without the use of fans or moving parts, ensuring silent operation.

Silent - no fan, whisper quiet works continuously without knowing if for 15+ years.

Compact Design - less than 4"w x 6"h x 2" deep, weighs less than a pound.

100% Guaranteed - 30 day money back guarantee.

No Filter - self contained, no parts or chemicals to replace or change.

4 Watts - runs 24/7 with less than 4watts/hr-less than most night lights.

Just Plug In - for years of silent uninterrupted springtime fresh air.

Not available for purchase in California.

Call 1-877-64-OZONE